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CFNM Show – Penis Control

The cfnm show girls got their slutty hands on an unsuspecting guy today. And they strapped a masturbating machine to his penis, and had fun turning it on and off at random. The guy’s reactions are priceless and in the end the girls just keep the machine on until he cums, and then they take him back in the RV and drink the cum in the device. Well it’s suffice to say that the cuties had lots of fun once more in this little field trip today. And you get to see them in action as they get to have fun.

guy gets humiliated on cfnm show

These two babes have a nice and hot fun afternoon with the dude, and first of all they made sure to jerk him off nice and hard making sure to drain him of all of his jizz before they played more with his cock outside and from a distance. They put a small device on his cock that would stimulate him from a distance via a remote control, and they let him sit in a park. Watch the guy trying his best not to moan in pleasure in public as the babes play with the cock pleasing device for this whole afternoon everyone!

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